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Hugh O?Flaherty Links

Wikipedia article on Hugh O?Flaherty.

The Hugh O'Flaherty Memorial Society.

Two other sites with information about O'Flaherty:



World War II Links

General timeline of World War Two events.

Brief rundown of World War Two in Italy.

Several interesting first-hand accounts of the Italian front in World War Two, from the BBC?s People?s War collection; browse their archives for even more:

Short article on Herbert Kappler.

What the Gestapo was and how it worked.

A guide to American World War II vehicles.

A great source of information about the cars, tanks and airplanes of WWII.



Holocaust Links

Near-exhaustive online resource for the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Martyrs? and Heroes? Remembrence Authority.

An account of the Ardeatine Caves Massacre.

From Columbia University, an article on Catholic heroes of the Holocaust; O?Flaherty is included.

Two views on Pope Pius XII and the Catholic response to the Holocaust:



Vatican Links

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which used to be O?Flaherty?s Holy Office.

The Vatican?s official site.

Wikipedia article on Vatican City.

For anyone who?s wondering what the title ?Monsignor? means.



Movie Links

The Scarlet and the Black on the Internet Movie Database.

Review and photos.


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